Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bits and Pieces

August Purchases

Went into the shoe store just to look... Had no intention of buying anything but alas the impulse. I really needed a new sneaks for the gym and for my morning and afternoon runs so I got the champion. First time trying this brand. Got the pair as I thought it would look good with the look I am living

Alongside I got a shirt to add to the mix.. Just simply put I was giving myself a treat.  Went a bit over budget but the main things I needed to get done I accomplished. So I am ok
July and August Eats

 Have gotten back on my Vegan diet... Have been making food from scratch and trying a few things that lets just say is an acquired taste. 

One such was the green papaya juice.. At first I was just like ... disgusted but I powered through it. I have also tried the fried green tomatoes. Next on my menu is to make the green papaya salad......

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