Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Making It Work

In life I have realized that one has "too kiss many frogs to find my princess" before the realization that one has found the one. It often takes a while of learning, making mistakes, accepting responsibilities and finally admitted that it is alright to love and to allow love to enter in.

As I look   back over the past years and the past relationships I have entered, with each I learnt so as not to make the same mistakes and I learnt enough to be able to refine what was not working.

Granted each brought its own drama, headaches, happiness and emptiness yet I regret none. I regret none because I learnt enough to be able to stand in my strength today....

I am here today yet I wonder so much, about so many... I question whether you truly understand what it feels like to be an "US", individuals but one. It's not an easy road to take or to be on. It requires effort and commitment.

My fears are many .... My sleeplessness are constant..... I have so so many questions.... Oh so many questions.

Yet I am determined to make it work. To ride out with you... to be there for you... To have your back.. To be the person you need me to be.... 

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