Sunday, August 23, 2015

Movie Kind of Weekend
Besides the usual cleaning and reorganizing of my weekend, I spend sometime watching movies, mostly psychological thrillers. The list included Basic, Dark places and Mystic River

Mystic River had my interest. I had seen this movie previously but it wasn't until yesterday that I truly got into this movie. It was a well done movie with superb acting by all involved. I highly recommend it to lovers of "GOOD" movies. I have downloaded books by Dennis Lehane who is the author of Mystic River. Whenever a movie is based on a book it garners my interest because I have the added bonus of reading and getting the entire story.

Dark Places with Charlize Theron. This I think was the first time I watched a movie with her in it for quite a long time. The two previous were Devil's Advocate and The Astronaut's Wife. Her protrayal in Dark Places was ok. Still not sold on her but I am going to watch "Monster" to see her in the role that brought her an oscar.

Basic with John Travolta was entertaining. I have always enjoyed him as an actor so I wasn't disappointed even though I found this movie quite tame.

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