Monday, August 24, 2015

Letting Another In
Last night I opened up to N and told her about me. I continued that talk today but this time I just wrote. I feel very naked right now. ... very naked. I guess in many ways I just wanted to share a part of me, to let her in....

Why do I trust? Why do I lay myself naked and become so vulnerable to love? Why do I do that to myself?

After doing all that I am shutting myself up again and closing me off. It's for the best because I still have to keep others at a distance. I cannot risk betrayal by anyone event the ones I consider to be close.
Had Professional Development Week. The first stage took place at the Pastural Center at Edinboro. It was enjoyable. Later met in the Geography department to discuss the outline for the first term. Planning continues tomorrow.
Did some sewing today. Remedied a jean into a skinny jean. Was happy about the outcome. Trial and error but I eventually got it right. Needed it to wear to PDW tomorrow.

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