Tuesday, August 25, 2015

IT Tuesday

Have IT Development session today. The internet was acting up so a lot of valuable teaching time was lost. However I gained a few helpful skills that will definitely be used during my lessons.

Spent much sometime working with Ms. Jack to complete the Form 1 and 2 Geography Work Plan for Term 1 Year 1 2015-2016. Next up, My History Work Plan.

Working on home plans for the kids. Today set up an EDMODO account so the kids have work to do when I am not around. I really need to work on maths with my 8th grader niece. Maths is challenging to her so I need to find some found ways to bring the concepts home to her understanding.

Indulged myself in some sewing today. I find that I am enjoying doing so this time around. Today I fixed one of S church dresses, have another to do tomorrow, just outlined it today. Also remedies a jean for her. Alongside I fixed a jean for me and made a short pants for myself from a spoilt alteration done by Teacher G...

This enthusiasm all started with me needing to find clothing to wear at this PDW.

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