Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Space of A Smile
Today I woke up in such a cleaning mood, mind you it was all influenced by seeing a baby rat upstairs in the bathroom. I locked it in to prevent its escape but that didn't matter. Got the kitten early in the morning to catch it but that also didn't happen so 0-2.

Did some cleaning today in the kitchen area and organised items into containers. Everything looks neater and more to my mood. I did the same to the cupboard in the bathroom and the medicinal cabinet. 

For the first time in a long time I cleaned and had joy that was about me starting anew. No longer was it about memories but of me looking forward.
A clean refrigerator always calms my nerves. Haven't done any restocking as yet but I can't wait. Nothing much in the house. Seriously have to start doing some bulk shopping. It's not only more economical but it is a necessity for me at this moment.

Not sure what types of food to buy but I know I will figure it out eventually. Have lots of fruits and vegetables to stock up on. Smoothies are on the list to be made and frozen so I can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner and for snacks. And lots of sandwiches... Less junk food.
For almost 2 months I have not exercise in a the way I normally do.  There has not been much intensity. Have to get back to my routine. Being my healthiest me is of paramount importance.

For me its about maintaining a good healthy balance weigh that is appropriate for my height and my age. Alongside I need to have my muscles in tack with my flat stomach... my six pack...

Don't hate, it's just what is......

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