Monday, August 31, 2015

A Few Things
For the first time in a long time the end of month did not contain any made ups...It felt good to be away from the many lies that had so filled my life... The many lies that I had purposely allowed. 

I have purged my life.... the mentally is the toughest as memories do linger but the cleaning has began. 

Have been able to do a few things that I really needed to do... More to do but I am pacing myself...... 

I keep wondering about N and what to do... It's confusing at times. Parts of me want to jump right in and the rational part wants to take it slow and deliberately build and realign things.. If its meant to be it will be... I am threading on this road lightly without too much haste....
Why do I find such pleasures in cleaning? I get so happy... I find fulfillment in this time and place.

Often I have heard of the need to use vinegar to clean and now I have figured it out. Cut the scents and, grease and unnecessary dirt. Use it this weekend with a bit of water.... Honestly there was no allergic reaction, no nose burns.

The bathroom has never smelt better without using clorox and scented disinfectant. 

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