Monday, April 13, 2015

Back to School

After a two week break, it is back to school... Back to the hassle  of lesson planing, activities and assessment. This week is an exam term and a short term too...  Have to get my exams first draft typed with amendments as the term goes by. Much work to be done but aslas it is not as overwhelming as it once was. I have gotten accustom to the pace and I have given myself permission to not be perfect but to make mistake and learn from such mistakes. Just breath.........

Spent the vacation taking care of my needs,... Battling and getting reacquainted with me.... But I won that battle at least I thought I did but who knows.... Its hard trying to balance every need and want, prioritizing became such a best friend of mine.... Its amazing how much one can learn of ones self with a listening ear. ....  Quiet for but 2-3 minutes works wonder.
Had my early morning walk run and jog.. It was painful but worth it... My inner thighs were pained... But I got my workout in.....

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