Saturday, May 4, 2013


Last night I awoke to thoughts of my father, my brother C also came to mind.. How different would my life had been if he was yet alive? Would it have been any different at all? I will never know....

Decisions are made every day.. I have made those decisions constantly... I value the privacy of my life thus I cut out and stop any holes or hemorrhaging... thus if I don't consider you a friend, you don't need to know about my life and what goes on with me... So I stop..... O has left my life for the long run... Not important anymore.. Just like many of life's disappointments.

I am enjoying being at work more and more.. It can be so overwhelming at times but it provides me comfort and fills the void that exist. I don't have the time to thing on many of the sadness and worry about the little things... I just have time to grind and be focus as I want to accomplish much.. I will keep trying...

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