Saturday, November 10, 2012


This Story ends
Today, I thought of sending an email but I caught myself in time. Realizing that when things change, when you have to divert from the road you have been travelling on... One can either accept and move forward... live in stages of   denial... Or remain stagnant. For me, embracing the change and moving onwards is my intended and only option. The direction is clear

Great memories, wonderful times.

Alas, So many, many things lay ahead.. So much more that needs to be done and accomplished.. 
My adventures in home construction continues... Like I said to Mj, this is a new joy of mine.. making my home a home that inspires me, a place, a minuit corner that I can gladly call my own.....

On to Semester 4, at this speed I would be able to complete my studies in another years or so. Happy about that prospect. 
Time to Start Writing Another Story

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