Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Whitney

Looking back to the days of my childhood,  have vivid memories of singing and dancing ,.. of admiring and wanting to be like Whitney Houston.. I love her music, I love her look and I look that persona that stated unabashed.. " Don't Mess with me".. The Voice, the unconquerable Voice of my generation..

Like Michael, it is with sadness and shock that her death greeted me yesterday, Sunday 12th February, 2012.. I had no idea as I casually passed by the radio, the announcer stated that she had died.. I set out browsing the web for any news.. just wanted to know..perhaps they had made a mistake... But like Michael, it was all to real..

Now Whitney has passed on... RIP Miss Houston... my sympathies to your loved ones left behind, especially Bobbi Kristina..

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