Thursday, January 19, 2012


What is it about uniforms that takes the mind to another dimension? Yesterday I saw a female police... not that she is new to my vision, I've seen her so many times before..I suppose it had to do with her standing at the motorcycle and the care she exhibited whilst placing her helmet... She looked awesome and kept my attention until I walked pass.. made my day..

I have a lump under my arm.. it hurts like hell but what am I to do... Over the years I have had many of these.. Changing and mixing my deodorant had resulted in this cyst.. Hopefully It would be done and gone by the weekend.. Who knows?
I have begun hooping as a form of exercising...I have not done it intensely..just a quick go at it... which isn't saying much? COMMITMENT  is my issue... Not sure if I had lost any weight..but I highly doubt it... 

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