Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have finally completed my Semester 1 exams and awaiting the start of Semester 2..It has been a long and arduous journey.. yet I know along the line that I will continue to face the demons that possess me.. Thankfully I hanged in there and accomplished what I must.. I saw the courses that are available to me.. I am a bit wary of anything to do with maths but if I must then I must..What a relief! Yet I am confident that I can do this..I trot along waiting to reach at the MSC level... 7 more semesters await me.....
There is a concert being held tonight that my friends want me to attend.. I am not sure about that.. I would prefer to be in the comfort of my home..snugging comfortable in my bed.. I have all that I need at the moment until N decides that she is coming to visit.. I have already put in my request for a longer staying period... :)
Work has become like my best friend.. I find myself always wanting to be here and I find myself enjoying my time at the office.... I really need a life don't I... 
I have began my annual resolution of reading at the start of the year.. the lucky beginners novel is - Love and the Single Corpse- So far a good read.. Keeps me away from watching the television.. I am able to use my brains and focus on something other than... perhaps this is my answer to cutting my electricity cost...  Seriously.. I have a few more books to read. for now at least 3 more...  

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