Friday, January 20, 2012

Another DAY..

Still preparing for my Semester Exams..At the moment I feel as if I am accomplishing what I need yet the results will determine what the outcome will be..but alas I am preparing...
Last night I was treated to a lovely dinner compliments of MJ.. thoroughly enjoyed it even though my tommy hurt after..late start.. I only hoped to change the fact that I should have brought some of it to work today.. but life happens.. Looked awfully similar to the pic...
The cyst under my arm continues to bother me but I can't live on the pain... It is what it is.. Did a bit of hula hooping this morning..about 20.. gradual I will lose the weight.. Drinking and eating too much over the holiday season has resulted in my being so over my ideal weight stabilizing point..However I am not deterred.. I will get back there soon stress...
My morning routine of walking to work was disrupted by rain..I thought perhaps if I had waited a bit, I would have been able to eventually do a bit of walking but didn't happen...
In times of economic hardship, one has to resort to the land to make a living, to survive..What lay waste and abandon, will soon become the staple that feeds. clothes and guides our well being.. Time will tell..
I am without my laptop today .. but I will be surviving..strange feeling but it is ....
Frustration, comes in so many forms and ever so quickly.. It takes the slightest things to unhinge me at time.. well it has more to do with preparation than anything esle..

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