Friday, September 16, 2011

Crazy Days

The anchor is out of the office today..So much too do and so little time.. Will be travelling to Barbados in about a week.. Have a to-do-shopping list that I must adhere to... I have so much to do and so much to stress about.. .. hmmh..

Had some pictures to upload from what I made 2 days ago but my computer had other ideas...Would be taking a break today form the hassle.. though I have a meeting to prepare for in another hour or so.. Presentations!Presentations!...

I can't wait to just take a break from this and have a drink... that much I believe I deserve.. Nothing to strong but strong enough.. Yep I know what that is .... Besides it is for my health and well being.. Life just hands you all this craziness and u make do..

Under the guise of alcohol.. All the craziness can begin yet I feel to old to be a part of the crowd.. I just need to move and walk on by...

Enjoy the Weekend All

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