Friday, August 5, 2011

Adventures In Sewing

It has been a while...

So I have began using my sewing machine again (another reason for my solitude). It has proven to be such a great destresser.... though that can be argued...(needle and thread breakage)... but I digress..

Pillowcases, throws, blankets have been completed along with alterations to existing clothing... I had not ventured to making clothing before but I decided to go without fear...  The result a bit of frustration... I really need to learn the art of measurement..

My niece top turned out to be to tight at the tummy with the shoulders being to wide.. I tried to modify but it ended up looking awful..thus I turned it into a drawstring skirt with a few more modification... I was not happy but I learned much....

Ruffling and attaching went well.... alas I will be enjoying the fun of sewing this weekend again... redoing of the top and more

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