Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why am not surprised by this? 

In my small island, the school system has come under huge scrutiny, and rightly so. It started with the exposing of three male teachers being accused of having sex with underage boys. Details are still sketchy but it mostly dwells on monetary gains in return for sexual favours. What makes these allegation so horrific is that a circle of exploitation was established. Students allegedly being passed from person to person to"test out the product".  

Can it get any worse? Yes, because often the socio-economically deprived students were often the ones targeted. Can it get any worse? Perhaps if you consider, as is alleged, that the Ministry of Education was aware and kept shuffling the teachers from school to school... Putting meat in front of dogs... As with the Catholic Church and their priest, keep shuffling so that in time it will be forgotten. Perhaps the Ministry believes that us ignorant and stupid. Where was the interest for the students? Who was looking out for "the kids"?

This is not about homosexuality as many have stated, this is far deeper than that. This is PEDOPHILIA ..... PEDOPHILES roaming free.... The moment a grown ass adult take an unnatural sexual interest in kids, younglings and anyone underage, please alert the authorities.. This just wrong in all circles, it cannot be justified......Penalties must be paid at the severest level.... cut their "dicks" off.... Lock them away in jail for a lifetime, we know how much fellow prisoners love rapist and pedophiles. I don't understand this and no excuse in the world will make me understand why any adult will view kids in that manner. Yes they are kids,  plain and simple

PEDOPHILIA, these nasty disgusting scum, to pathetic to be referred to by name..... How F**king dear you..........? This just angers me..It frustrates me because it seems that these men are getting an easy pass.. Allegedly they have been suspended...yet they are receiving full f**king pay, really!!!!!! What sort of punishment is that? What is the message behind that? Yes I do believe in innocent until proven guilty, but where there is smoke for ages, there must be fire burning..............

I am fuming ... and all levels of rationality is out the door... Parents send kids to school but not for this... Granted sexuality is what it is..Yet if a boy or boys are gay,  let them discover and enjoy it amongst their age group.... Don't give me shit people, younglings are having sex regardless of whether we believe it or not... or want it or not.. 

Hear me out being a homosexual is not wrong, I will be condemning myself ... But regardless of my sexuality, I have always believe that to each thine own. Who the f**K are we to judge what consenting adults choose to do? THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR PEDOPHILIA .... That's not homosexuality that is just criminal and unlawful.

I need to breathe....To be continued.....................................................

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