Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out In the Field

Such a great refresher.. I spend the entire day out of the office.. dressed comfortably with my frozen water,.. I ventured to the countryside. . I saw the beauty of nature that is unquestionable... I ate the fruits of the land...

I journeyed into the village, learning as much as I could; not nearly enough. I learnt the roads, some good, some bad and some just horrendous.. I heard the agony of the farmers who exist if but only to feed us.. Stories told and retold.. The land.. What else can be said..

Nature, always brings a smile to my face.. I got a few plants yesterday for my garden, so, so  happy about that.. Meeting the farmers,young, old and in between.. examining and learning about crops.. It is a lot of fun that is worth experiencing... Life's practical lessons... We are all Welcome.

I am trying to decide between balusters or blocks for rails.. Just not able to pin down the look.. Expenditure is huge. Breathe, just breathe........ The look is confusing me.. I want more privacy but alongside I want a great look.. Perhaps it is the designs of the balusters currently viewed that are not attractive.. Who knows? Have to figure it out..

White paint for the walls... I think that will work.. Can't do green, to much green.. with nature and paint..not a good combo.. I will rethink this decision. Have to decide in a minute. 
Buying one's first vehicle is a huge deal, whether second hand or brand new... A great challenge.. How can I make the best decision about this? I don't want to get stiffed or scammed... 

As I am a new comer who cannot afford to break the bank to get a brand new ride. I have decided to looking buying a sidekick.. I have gotten favourable deals but I am still skeptical. This type of vehicle is what I want.. for work I need it.. I travel to many terrains that a simple care won't take.. 

As I am ignorant of the ins and outs , I definitely needing a mechanic to look at the vehicle... even though I don't trust them..

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