Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Second Thought

In the shallows of my mind, I am thinking amist the darkness.. I cannot phantom the reason, I cannot understand the why...  Why would someone just blatantly tell lies around you... about you? Why would someone literally say such falsehood knowing that what they imagined was far from the truth? I heard, I listened as the humming bird sang..

I chuckled... I smiled.. I smiled because the truth about you came out.. I resorted to stay in my very own corner... I resorted to stay in the mist of my mind... I resorted to dwell in my fancy... I would not get angry, I won't get mad... I won't confront you but everything changes... 

My face shall return to stone, my expressions will stay frozen... I have encounter but a few of your kind in my life, and I learnt well from such a time.... It's not sad...it is not a loss, it is just the natural course that life has stored....

A simple explanation lies within...maybe it is us wanting to know each others business all the time


What to do about "Marion"? All the pointers are levied in the wrong directions, yet do you advise a friend to walk away or should one keep the mouth shut? I tried this route before but gone are the days when I want to run hurriedly to the side of any...

It is time, I think it is time, I know it is time
I don't want to talk anymore, I just want to listen
I just want alone time in my head

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