Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just A Thought

I've spent the passing days reflecting, trying to think anew.....Am I losing control.. 

Work has taken on a life of its own, little or no time for me... Yet I cannot complain, I am doing what I am passionate about... 12....1....2 ....somethings 3 in the early morning I am just leaving the office to return faithfully at 7:00am... Yet I cannot complain..

As of late, I thought about doing things a bit differently..I thought of having a life outside of the office.. But I am not yet willing to make that change.. I have planned and schedule events but alas the time approaches and passes and I shrug... maybe tomorrow...I will once again reschedule.. The clock ticks away................

My mind wonders back to the one.. Time together literally spent apart because of work, I hope that time at the pool with M, time with C, T filled much of the void. I wanted to spent  as much  with you but I just couldn't.. I remember not to long ago leaving work early to take you to the movies..that didn't go well and I suppose I have to take the blame.. But I understood what you stated..

Maybe the remedy will be..... I honestly don't know.. I am thinking..I am pondering...

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