Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have always appreciate a genuine piece.. As a matter of fact I enjoy anything that has a sense, a style, a decor that is uniquely of its own. How often are we stress by the days event and it takes just the simplest of things to stir our emotions. Perhaps a memory ... perhaps a walk along the beach...a friendly voice on the other end.. I've often found that taking a long drive to the country has done wonders. As a person who appreciates nature, this can only be refreshing.

When it all started there were expectations on both sides but never had I neglected to outline who I was.. I never tried to change me nor had I attempted to change any. I spoke my truths and I came not as an angel but just as me. Yet at the end of the day, the situation changed. The person I thought I knew had left unexpectedly and a stranger entered. I was not overwhelmed by the new, neither did I miss the old but I wanted just enough of both.  

Maybe ..just maybe this was suppose to be the story...this was the chapter I had somehow skipped on... ..

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