Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PLease Forgive

To Politicians
I must apologize for my absent but I have been enthralled in the arms of my little country's election. The people went out and voted, 8-7 in favour of the ruling party. The Opposition gained 4 seats whilst the ruling ULP loss 4.

Personally, I felt as if my liberties have been restored. Due to marginal victory, a change has occurred. A beautiful change.

A strong opposition must always exist in any democratic country. This will aid in ensuring that checks and balances are part of the agenda. No longer will so much foolishness happen that seek to  ask "Give up some rights for national security". Sounds familiar.......  SVG has returned to the land that I love. No longer do I fear the road ahead though it will be filled with more thorns than roses. However having freedom is always key.

Let us, as Vincentian People, embrace each other knowing that we went out and voted. Knowing that we had that right and we exercise that right. Victory is ours no matter what party alliance may divide us.  Cheers to my country men and women as we move forward as a nation. As a country...As a people.....

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