Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Options Please!

I am thinking....What the hell am I to do with a girlfriend? Yes..Yes.. I know but one cannot have sex every  goddarn day and night... At least I don't want to, come on I have a life.and I want to live it. 

Hear me out here, not hating on the "sexoholics".Why should I? won't dare. Sex is important,  very important to an relationship. Ask kindly those that don't have it .... or those that are on regular punishment. That I hate . Sex should never be used by a partner as a weapon, like the "tears", I frown on such weakness. Back to the topic at hand. 

I mean don't get me wrong, I do enjoy sex... But at times a good book works to settle the nerve and other sensations. Wait... Is that me talking? Maybe I am just momentarily going insane... maybe I am losing my  mind... my derive.... maybe, just maybe I am just growing indifferent ... who knows..... I don't know .. I really don't ..... I need to breathe. 

The question still stands, What the hell to do with a g/friend?

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