Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merriment and Friends

I must admit, I had enough fun for a lifetime over the past three days.....visiting friends and family, colleague and mere acquaintances.. making of new friends and potentials. The change from the hassles of the usual was so welcome.

Even though I don't celebrate Xmas, I found great joy as I witness the kids as they jumped and smile with exuberance at the gifts that delighted their hearts. 

Toys and Toys and Toys, unwrapped packages and things to pack away. Messy, messy but for a few hours, allowing the kids to have a bit of  fun...

Drink flowed, food of quality, variety and colours the more. I ate beyond my fill.. I wanted to say no but in an effort of politeness and courtesy, I ate as I went along. Had a drink of "Rum Punch" over a year old that got me..Literally I had not expected the drink to have such a sting but alas it did.

My home became an Inn for sleeping but a few hours. All eating and merriment was done at another...Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.. Thanks greatly to the many friends that fed me.. alas I owe them so much.. and many more......

Not sure if I want this binge for the New Year....perhaps I will be spared from all the craziness.. HmmmH... What? SometimesI forget the measured role I play in the decisions of my life... 

Continue your enjoyment ALL

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