Monday, November 29, 2010

The Pool

In my tiny sphere, the pool is very limited. Too limited for my taste but one has to work with what is available.

Here lies - Lesbians of all categories and invention...

Bisexuals and perhaps non-sexuals/Asexuals........straights who are in denial..straights who don't know they are lesbians. Please don't ask me to offer to much details, even I get lost and confused amongst the sublets.

The employed, the unemployed.. the partially employed.. the "I never have a job but I have" - Who or what are you? Just kidding........ to each her own.

The ones to make a life with, the ones to run screaming from, the ones to never ever, unless your life depended on it, talk to.... the crazies, the psychotics.....need I say more, come on the list is to becoming....

Yet I would not change the dynamic of what exist. Overtime It will change, perhaps to be a bit more inclusive... Who knows ..

The usual bars and clubs..the same faces ..the same drama.. the same daters.. the same amount of crazy and neurosis...

Yes the pool.

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