Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The MIrrors and Me

Hmmh... The continuing saga.. No matter how many times I have tried to 'play dress up', the experiences leave me wondering " What the Fuck? The Mirror saw me, there was an unusual girl looking. Her face was decorated far better than I would imagine. Was it truly me?

I had to escape my comfort zone today, a strangle hold that keeps me. The business world beckoned. I needed to play the role parted and created. Surely I was duly rewarded with pain and more pain. Mother heels knew that I was an impersonator and taught me her lesson. Do forgive........................ At the quickest opportune I slipped back into my flats with sighs of relief. Happiness fun me.

It got me wondering, why do women endure such pains in the name of beauty? I cannot live that life. Tomorrow my flats, my comfort and my sanity.. The transformation would have been completed. I won't miss being anew, being fresh, being surprising at least for the moments that are presented to me.

Funny how mirrors tell the stories of our lives. As I reflect, the smile that had been missing has returned to me.

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