Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Behind the Screen

Separate but Equal, Separate but dating… and you want a relationship? I am confused and I mean severely. What type of arrangement is this? You remain steadfast in the closet. I will not force your hand but I refuse to play this game anymore.

You risk so much and you may lose even more. I have tried but it baffles me that you want me to remain at your side when I am unable to share so many parts of your life. Does this make you happy? ….. I’m not.

It is a hard road to travel especially with anyone let alone with the one. So many rich experiences will be lost, little memories will be created. Faith is leaving me… my desire to be with you is being lost amongst your unwillingness to be who you are. I am tired of the seclusion, I am tired of the lies and the deceptions.. I cannot be me. If only for that reason, it must all come to an end.

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