Thursday, July 15, 2010


I saw a "Hi love u" in my mail box.. Not unexpected but it took me back a bit. Have I changed you so much? I remember you stating that such a statement never will be uttered from you mouth.. Yet I found the mere mention as I dissect each word to be .......... I ponder, but I don't know how to respond.

I neglected you so much for the last 6 days out of necessity. I felt I needed my own space. Are your words genuine or just a commercial engagement to get me to notice. I don't know but only time will deliver the true meaning

Unexpected changes?! Really I am not sure but I see things around me moving and changes taking place. One has to only appreciate the life one is living and not be so quick to pass judgement and to give up.

Often the toiling is part of it yet if one doesn't sweat one is not able to fully understand the context of the moment.

How often have we all been the "Insufferable Know It All" and the ones "Who Never Listen" or the most famous of them all "Only Hearing What We Want To Hear".. We've all been there... Fortunately I am beginning to understand the value of waiting, of PATIENCE.

Being a homosexual, what's so wrong with that? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does it matter what someone does in their lives? what does it matter who one loves? what does it matter? How does one being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, etc affect your will to live?

Today great news out of Argentina where marriage equality for all has been approved 33-27..Very Good.... PRogress, Progress..In the right direction...


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