Tuesday, August 16, 2016


 Healthy Eating

I swear that all this eating of plant based are making me so much more hungry than usual.. 
Yet its a good thing because I am more alert and so much more aware of my body's need. 

Need to begin planning my meals for school lunches such as smoothies, cookies, pita bread and soups. Have been using a lot of onions

Sewing 101

Did a bit of upscaling. Using old thick curtains to make bedspreads for the colder times especially during the winter breeze experienced in the tropics.

Also made some pillow cases. Actually got around to watching Youtube videos that showed me how to actually work the sewing machine to get the greater benefits. Cleaned and oiled the machine and got such great results


My De-cluttering Journey

I have began to clean out my many home spaces and also to let go of so many thing sin my life.

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