Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Usage, Users, Uses

In life we encounter so many different phases of life. One meets all types of people and encounter experiences that are profound and endearing.

We have all found ourselves in situation where mutuality abounds. Its a trade of kinds where needs are met one to another, give a little take a little, give all and get none, take all and give non.

How often have we come across person who have taken advantage of us? How often have we allowed ourselves to be taken advantage of out of fears, love and ill concerns? It happens to the best of us until that moment when one arise from sleep and say enough.

To each her own as she navigates through the rough terrains of life to find a footing
Should my thoughts have remained unspoken? Perhaps The End?

It is not a new thought but a reoccurring one. When was the right time to have a talk with you about my thoughts? It had to come at some time. I laid back many nights and reflected over and over. I search myself to find out and reasoned with me wondering am I right in my thoughts. Perhaps I am wrong. I could be wrong but what needed to be said was said.

Yesterday I got on the phone and I asked you a question. I asked you "Why is it that you never reached out to me when things were good with you?" Your response was loud and then it went silent. As I listened on the other end nothing came from you and then you stated you had to go. I was left with my unanswered question.

Was I wrong to ask? No I wanted no lingering thoughts in my head. No matter I am prepared to receive your end. Looking back can you ever say you called, texted or email unless it was a response to me doing it first. Yet you find me, you find me when things are less than good. Was I not worth your precious time then. As much as you have pain, I too have pains... I too have scars that are yet to be healed....

There is so much bottled inside to say yet the time is not right to blog it all..... Yet I continue living..

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