Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bits and Pieces of Today

Had the carpenter/mason do a bit more work. He actually completed touching up the ballusterbs, making the edges smooth on the entrance steps. This job was about 2+ years in the making, started yesterday and completed today. He did a good job of it today.

The next action would be to get the painting around the house done. Haven't decided yet on a colour, leaning towards a mustard brown. But that's my thinking of today.....
Around the House

The list of things to do concerning the house is never ending
1. Th bathroom needs fixing
2. The Door areas need touching up and the doors need painting
3. My Master bathroom needs fixing up
4. The gym needs fixing up also
5. Et cetera.............

I can't wait to get the fixing done.... I just can't wait. 

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