Saturday, August 15, 2015

Those Dark Times
Out of me comes a being that I seem not to recognize yet it is me... When I am at my happiest you come to me and suck my joy away. You are ever present. I try running.. I try hiding from your presents but that's not possible as I have known so well.

The days of not wanting to awake.. of not wanting to close my eyes. All because of intense pain of my every being.... I keep trying to move from this spot but memories of the past haunts me.. But I have to will myself to see a light... Some light I must and will see..... I cannot go on like this...

Yet .... I will strive... I will strive... I will keep striving ever day because I believe in me. I believe that existing and willing myself to exist after all of lives pressures and madness is ok...

The dark moments are upon me... I keep trying to busy myself to prevent my relapse... But Why me? Why now?

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