Saturday, August 15, 2015

Self and Kids Fun
Awoke abruptly this morning by T, wasn't the least happy about it but life has its own plans. On Friday I had made plans to get breadfruit at Sweet Side with Kev. Never left the house and ended up doing other stuff.

My stomach had longed for the taste of roast breadfruit and some avocado.. No worries I will make time enough.

Occupying my waking hours is my number one priority in order to keep me sane.  Have to keep reminding myself of this great need.

Have put exercising back on my agenda but only with a few push ups a day and using my own homemade weights. My being healthy and fit is my life.

Had so much fun with the kids today in the kitchen. The innocence of children makes the dullest life so much more brighter and wonderful..... How sweet is it to watch them grow and become who they are meant to be

Our day started with a continuation of us watching youtube videos of various types of food being made. The list consisted of Disney Princess cakes, fudges, ice creams, lollipops and cotton candies... Everything for the sweet tooth...
Homemade Condensed Milk

It was a good day.... We ended by making ice cream.. Not certain how the ice cream came out, haven't eaten it as yet.. but its way far from the recipes... Gosh it was a mess... Liquid to the point where I added flour, custard, banana, powdered milk and icing sugar.... It is currently in the freezer, strawberry flavoured.

Homemade Snow cone
My older niece made her own version of condense milk and later the kids had red snow cone...  To watch the joy on her face to know she had done it again on her own was so precious to see... It was a good day of kitchen fun......

As I look at the time, 11:18 pm.... still up with the kids. Had them eat some ice cream and share their thoughts "to sweet but ok"... Not what I wanted to hear but ok for a first try. I really wanted tour ice cream to be ok for them to enjoy but alas next time trials will give me good enough results to build upon. I believe they are topped out on their tolerance for sweet things today.

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