Friday, August 14, 2015

Food Prepping

Dices and Sliced tomatoes and bell pepper
I have started on my road to enjoying the kitchen by actually cooking.... Inspired by the need to get back to my strict vegan root and also for health reasons... Its about time that I take this part of my life seriously.... Exercise and not eating regularly hasn't given me the best result.

Ice Tea
Made Ice teas also, a needed refreshment. Haven't tried a glass as yet, had it cooling. I asked myself "Why have so many tea bags and not using them? Don't get me wrong I do drink tea but this flavor  doesnt apeal to me as much.

For the remaining month of August I plan to cook and store meals for my busy life that occurs when school reopens... Have to be at the top of my game always.. 


House Addition
Still lots of work to be done on the house but I am taking it all a step at a time.... Have to plaster the interior and get the bathroom together

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