Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Carpentry Work

Today was filled with Carpentry. I finally got around to redoing my niece's closet in her room. Mind you, not me but  a carpenter was hired to do the job. The work is not yet complete.  Good that she has a smile on her face. 

Seeing my niece evolve into a tweenager who loves Nicki Minaj and who enjoys and seeming has her own life tucked away, its interesting to say the least. So I am giving her that room she craves to foster her transition.

Spent the day watching the carpenter at work. Taking the raw materials and transforming it to a closet.... More work to come.. As I watched today I remembered my time spent working as a labourer. It was tough but I enjoyed that time last year. New and invaluable skills were learnt, never to be forgotten.

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