Monday, June 18, 2012

BLACK Rave 2012

I was so undecided about going to Black Rave.. for 3 weeks , I kept pondering .. but finally made up my mind on Saturday.. What a mistake.. Couldn't get tickets.. got mad at the gf for my own foolishness... walked around town trying at each corner... to no avail

Luck came to me on Saturday night.. Got a ticket.. no black jeans or pants... had to end up wearing my nieces black skinny jeans.. not my finest moment.. seriously, I detest wearing such a thing but it was out of pure desperation and wanting to see Faye Ann Lyons.

Faye Ann Lyons
On Saturday night, went to all black outing.. BLACK Rave.. I had so much time..for the price of $50.. It was so worth it... Performances from artiste includind: Madzart, Fya Empress, Problem Child, Skinny Fabulous, Bunji, Spice and "Faye Ann Lyons". 

I went in all honesty to see Faye Ann perform and I was not disappointed, together with Bunji, she delivered... I couldn't stop staring at the women. Damn she had the "MOHAWK" style look beyond sexy... Way to go Faye Ann..  

Fya Empress delivered, she is getting so much better in her performance.. I still have her for Road March. On another related note, Spice was spice.. she did a few things on stage, if only her time hadn't run out... Thank you Skinny for BLack RAVE... A great night of entertainment...

Soca Monarch - Skinny Fabulous.. just hop he decides to use the song "MONSTER"


Before I forget, My exams are finally over.. thankfully.. Now on to Semester 3.. and 5 more to go... 

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