Sunday, May 27, 2012

Clubbing n Fabulously GAYS

So despite my protest on Friday, I enjoyed myself a great night of hanging with 2 gays and a femme. Latin dance night, soca music and a bit of billiard. Lots of alcohol and drunk friends... How fabulous are the gays are when overly intoxicated.

On Saturday, A night filled with Karaoke...and gay boys drama, coupled with drinks and more drinks.

Concerning the gay boys drama..... It was too much for me....I don't for the life of me understand:  

1) Being so far in the closet, that one can't breathe
2) Being so delusional thinking that no one knows that you are gay
3) Choosing to hang out with super femme gay guys and then complain that they are too "gay"
4) Complaining about others gayness

This is what I had to deal with the entire night...lucky I had some fun along the way

FABulously Gay

It is never a dull moment hanging with the guys, from their sordid love affairs and random hookups....their adoration of the male species n fineness  .... and their many expense account

How do they do it? So immaculate in more ways than one ...To be Gay and Fabulous

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