Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time Out

Why do we as fellow human beings have the need, feel the need to talk down or to think lesser of our fellowmen? What gives us the right behave in such a manner. I sit here at my desk contemplating this very thought.. I may never understand it.. Yet ...

I had journey to St. Lucia in the last 2 weeks, attending a CARDI/World Bank/CaFAN Training of Trainers Workshop. It was actually quite good. Lots of information gained to be passed on to others. Got reacquainted with old friends and met others along the way. Built stronger bonds and loosen others.. All in All it was a learning experience.

The Bay Gardens Hotel.. One of the best I have experiences.. excellent facility, great and helpful staff, sumptious food to meet every appetite and .. the bonus reward of being walking distance from the beach and also from the Baywalk Mall.. which was a treat for all.. SHopping in comfort and style.. 

What a Fantastic place to visit and enjoy life..

I have finally complete an addition to my home. What started as a storage under the stairs at $800.00, ended up at an additional $1, $1,900. Hefty but it is what it is.. Looking forward, Have an additional bill of $1,136.00 that I see to complete by December 24th, 2011.. I need a clean financial slate for 2012..

A necessary evil.. I had to build a storage so as to get my bedroom reorganising.. the irony is that since it has been finished, I am yet to put any of the items in my bedroom in storage.. Time .. Time continues to fail me... I just seen to not have it.

My studies are going along quite well.. even though I am not pushing myself in the manner that I need to... Started in October.. have 2 more courses to complete for this semester so I can do my exams and begin semester 2... I want to be done with my studies in another 2 1/2 years.. It is just on my to-do-listing. Working towards another of these great moments...

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