Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Practice!!! Practice

End Product
I continue on my adventures in sewing.. Last night I stitched a top for Tiffany to wear at preschool... She has limited tops so I thought to  make her my test subject... Sorry I have no photo of her but I do have a sample...
Original Idea

I first gathered the top but that made it too tight at the top..so I had to adjust it by taking it out... This could have just simple be a skirt for her or a dress..who knows.. so I was about to squash the idea and let it be but ... I really wanted to complete something... I decided to add straps by braiding.. So I did. ...Uneven at points but I am not deterred.. will get there......

Tiffy's ribbons

I also stitched  two ribbons using the zigzag at the ends from cloth remaining from her preschool uniform .. A bit to short so I will have to make two others tonight... The more I work and practice and practice the happier I am becoming about sewing.. Cheers to me...

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