Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Odds and Ends

Finally, I got my first sugar apple plant on Sunday.. I immediately went to planting... I so wanted this fruit tree for such a long time... So now my garden has a lime tree, an orange tree, an avocado plant, a banana tree and a guava plant. That is quite a lot but I just love my fruits... I am mindful of my guava plants, I am watching closely due to the fact of over watering.. I do hope I hadn't kill the plant..

Currently there's cucumber, lettice and tomatoes on the ground. Hopefully soon I will be eating more from the garden. Between construction and planting, I have a lot going on. Shcks!! How did I forget my beautiful cherry tree and my golden apple. Can't wait for the fruits to bloom.

Decidedly most of these plants are for privacy, I need to ensure that the prying eyes of my neighbours are either strained or blurred during the "lookouts"... I often wonder what is so interesting about my life that it needs viewers....

The fencing off of my home is almost completed.. Hopefully it would be done by the end of March, early April. That I can deal with. Why is it that construction always cost so much more than the first estimate? I really don't mind spending the moment but not when it cost so much $$$$? Yet I have to suck it up.. That's not even half of the story.. 

Still have the exterior painting to be done. Bought buckets of paint already but I am having a change of mind.. I am not liking the colour I originally decided upon. Want to do a much darker shade. I 'll have to visit the paint shop to get an idea of what was $$$ would look like. Whoever said things get easier with time. 

Perhaps I am just nesting.....

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