Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kids at Work

Really? Who ever thought it a great idea to have kids at the office?

From the long faces.... the constant cry of hunger...the need for attention...the noise, come on some quiet time....and the list can go on and on.... Maybe I should scream.

Had to take my foster daughter to work today. Not a choice I would readily make but one I had to do. After Parent Day at 8:45, my hands were tied... I mean, I really don't want to send a nine year old home alone...

Think about it....Geesh ..with the police and the damage that might have been caused.. I made the right choice...yeah I did.. I really did? Can you only imagine what I would have gone home to?

It was a productive day from my stand vantage point, thought the poor child would disagree...from cries of boredom and the need to run around... Look at this way, at least I got to monitor and to be on top of much needed school work.....

Despite it all, I don't want a repeat if I have the option

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