Friday, December 17, 2010

A Woman''s Choice

Abortion... The mere mention of this word brings emotions streaming from all spectrum of life. Constantly debated with little or no common ground to be found. 

Perhaps, one of the hardest, if not the hardest choice a woman has to make. A choice once made, affects her life for an eternity. It brings with it so much confusion, doubts, regrets and pain. It is never easy. It is never a decision made frivolously.

"A woman should never have an abortion, it is the taking of life" .... "It is not yet a life" .... "It is not me so I don't care". No matter what side of the issue you hold dear, it is important that the woman be given the opportunity to make her choice. It is not for you and I to debate what is best for her... We don't live her life, we don't understand her circumstances. A woman doesn't come to the issue of abortion as if for jest. So let us treat her with respect for her will, her stance and for her decision.

Please don't levy your disappointments, your anger, your hatred, your opinions at her feet. Bring only love, support and an open mind. Bring a shoulder and a caring hand, outstretched with optimism. Bring your experiences... Bring your honesty.

Let it remain always, not just pro-life but also pro-choice,  

A Woman's Right To Choose.

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