Thursday, December 9, 2010

Elections!!!!!!! It's fastly approaching

Yes, in my small and blessed land, elections draws near. With 4 days to go,  on Monday 13th December, 2010., the masses shall speak, the masses shall render their decision.

A change will happen. What will that change be?  What will it signify? A change in leadership, in party, in representation, in policy... A shift, a transition, a timely affair. 

The parties are out in full force on the campaign trail. The music, the drama, the glitter, the gold...... Excess and Extravagance  to behold. It has become increasingly annoying but territories have been marked. 

Party "Carholders" have shown that crazy does exist in all shapes, sizes, ages, all metrical calculations, all denominations... 

Why does the colours one choices to display offend you so? Why does differing opinions irate you? Why does anyone's freedom, anyone's democratic rights offend you? Why do you act and shout as a bully? Is that meant to scare, intimidate and terrorize?

In this time, I hope for peace and sisterhood, for brotherhood... for neighbors divided along party lines to understand that the issue at hand is bigger than any party.... for respect to be shown to one and all. Now, Get out and vote.

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